There are many myths regarding the sale of your property. In this blog the Parker Team debunks a few of the most prevalent myths for Sellers.

  1. You can do this solo.  The reality is that your REALTOR® will do the heavy lifting for you – from providing advice on getting the property ready for sale, establishing pricing, marketing & negotiating the offer your REALTOR® will be working hard for you, even when you’re not available.
  2. You know the value of your home. The hard truth is that we are all too attached to our home to provide an unbiased assessment of the value. Your REALTOR® can be the unbiased expert and give you an honest estimate on the value of your home, backed by an analyisis of the comparables properties in your area.
  3. You should overprice your home to allow for negotiating room.  Not so.  Today’s buyers have a wealth of information at their finger tips and can make educated decisions regarding the price of a home.  Pricing your home too high may in fact deter potential Buyers from viewing your property.
  4. You should list with the REALTOR® who places the highest value on your property.  Again, an over priced property will not sell, and in fact could result in a lower sale price than a property that was listed at the appropriate price to begin with.  Be sure that your REALTOR® has your best interest in mind, they aren’t just there to win your listing.
  5. A quick offer means the property was listed too low. A quick offer on a property likely means that the property was well shown and appropriately priced.  Buyers often watch and understand the market and are quick to react to a fairly priced property.
  6. Spring is the best time to sell. Not necessarily- see the stats on Waterfront Property Sales by Year and month.
  7. My property is fine the way it is.  It is my home, it’s going to look lived in. Fact- you should prepare your property for sale to ensure the best impression on the buyer. Your property needs to be in pristine condition for each showing regardless of where you live.
  8. I know the property the best, I should be home for showings.  When a home owner is present for showings it hinders the sale of the property by  makes the potential Buyer feel awkward, limiting their discussions with their REALTOR®, and shortening the length of time they investigate the property.

facts vs myths