The community of Oxtongue is nestled upagainst the border of Algqonuin Park, on Highway 60 west of Highway 35.  Located in the Township of the Algonquin Highlands, Oxtongue Lake, connects the Lake of Bays to Algonquin Park.

It was logging that originally brought many of the first settlers to the area.  Today you can still see the clearing from Hubbel’s mill on the west side of Oxtongue.  By the 1900’s cottagers seeking the health benefits of the clean air, and the enjoyment of the natural beauty began to arrive, and cottages began to spring up.

Once the site for the Group of Seven to paint, the community has recognized their contribution to the recognition of the beauty of the area by erecting a Group of Seven Outdoor Mural and Exhibition.  Here you can read about the works of the Group of Seven and see a large mural mounted on the wall of the community centre of A.J  Casson’s “Oxtongue River.”  You can also pick up a map indicating the location of the spots the Group used when painting.  It is said that Tom Thomson painted upwards of 70 paintings in this area.

The Oxtongue River Rapids and Trail is located about 3 km’s west of Highway 35, just off of Highway 60.  This park offers a short trail following the shore of the fast moving river.

Oxtongue LakeOxtongue Lake is a smaller lake full of many nooks and crannies.  At the south end of the lake the water can be shallower, but this in turn offers a great opportunity to see an abundance of wildlife.  Oxtongue Lake is considered to be an instream lake.  It has sandy shorelines and can be as deep as approximately 90 feet.  The lake is ideal for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, boating, fishing and much more. Normally a fairly calm lake, it is enclosed by a vast amount of crown land.  To read more about the lake, visit our blog.