Are you being watched? It is becoming more and more common for home or cottage owners to install security systems complete with audio and video. While this is legal, Buyers beware, this means that you may be sharing details with the Seller you didn’t intend to.

At every showing regardless of who is watching, Buyers should demonstrate a level of respect for the homeowner and his/her home.

-Take off your shoes.
-Don’t pry, don’t go through personal items.
-Don’t move things around.
-Watch the kids, don’t let them run unattended through the home.
-Don’t eat and drink while you tour the home.

If there is video surveillance, chances are there is audio.
-Don’t discuss with your REALTOR the price you are willing to pay for the property.
-Don’t discuss your love or hate of the property.
-Don’t discuss the decor.
-Don’t discuss the pros and cons of the property.
-Don’t discuss specifics regarding your finances or timing.
-Don’t discuss renovations you intend to do to the property.

While this seems like a long list of “do nots” the message here is to wait to discuss the property.  This doesn’t mean that buying a homes or cottages can’t be fun – it still is.  Chances are this is one of the biggest investments of you life, have fun, look, make notes, (perhaps use a checklist) and be sure when you put in your offer that you and your Realtor are the only ones that know your intentions.