Considering buying a home in Muskoka as you downsize?

There is a lot to consider when you’re making the move, we have some suggestions to make the process easier.

Condo or not to Condo?

Consider your current lifestyle, what you enjoy and don’t enjoy.  Consider the goals of your move and what you are physically capable of doing.  Do you envision yourself outside working in the garden? Landscaping?  Do you like to putter around the exterior of your property?  Would you miss your own backyard and the privacy that it affords you?  If  you answered yes to any of the above, then a townhome or bungalow may be a better option.

Are you ready to give up the snow shovelling and grass cutting?  Do you dread the idea of maintaining the exterior of your property?  If you answered yes, then a Muskoka condo may be just the right spot for you!

Do you wish to continue with your own exterior space but plan to hire someone to continue with the regular maintenance?  Then consider the amount of landscaping and size of the property you are looking at, and be sure to calculate the cost into your updated budget.

Prepared to Share?

When considering your next move, do you shutter at the thought of sharing walls, or exterior spaces?  If so,  a condo might not be the spot for you.  Do you travel often? Are you considering amenities beyond what your typical family home has to offer?  If yes, then a condo may just be the answer for you!

What spaces are important to you?

When you envision your new home, what do you see yourself doing in it?  What is important to your partner?  Consider which spaces in your current home you can live without.  Do you want the formal dining room, or does an open floor plan give you the flexibility you need to host a dinner party?  Do you plan to work from home, or continue with your home office?  Do you love woodworking- need a workshop?  How many cars do you have, what type of parking do you require?  Approach your search with a solid idea of what you must have, and be prepared that this may change as you begin to see homes.

Furniture and “Things”

When you’re packing up for your new home, what furniture do you plan to bring?  Are there pieces you can’t part with?  Do you or your partner have items which you must take with you?  How much room will these things require?  Have you considered storage space?  While looking for your new Muskoka home, be sure to know what is on your “must take” list so that you can be sure that they will fit into your new home, and be sure to have a budget to replace items that you still require but aren’t bringing with you.

Call The Parker Team

We live and work in Muskoka.  We are experienced in helping people make the transition from a larger home to a smaller Muskoka home.   Whether you’re ready to retire, or you have decided to leave the big home behind, whatever your reason, we are here to help.  705-349-0054