Baysville SignWelcome to Baysville, a community older than Canada as a nation!   Located in the heart of  Muskoka,  Baysville is one of a number of smaller villages which comprise the Township of Lake of Bays.  The others include: Hillside, Dwight, Oxtongue, and Dorset.  Baysville is located at the southern end of Lake of Bays, one of the four biggest lakes in Muskoka.  It is approximately 30 minutes to Huntsville, Muskoka’s largest town, 20 minutes to Dorset and approximately 2.5 hours to the GTA.  Baysville is a popular destination for tourists and cottagers.  It also boasts an active year round population, and several local businesses.

Baysville was the second village settled in Lake of Bays.  Named for the topography of the area which features 4 bays, Baysville was first surveyed in 1862 by Robert T Burns.  It was officially opened for settlement in 1868 under the “Free Grants and Homestead Act” of the time.  The first habitation in Baysville was by 4 men, who built the first hut in 1870.  Conditions were rough, and early settlers needed to be determined and brave.  The first post office was founded in 1874.

Today Baysville is a vibrant community, with many local businesses.  Most notably there is the Lake of Bays Brewing Company, Yummies in a Jar, The John Murden Art Gallery,  Fork in the Road and The Cast Iron Restaurant.While in Baysville don’t miss a trip to Cedar Narrows Heritage Park, Centennial Park,  The Baysville Dam, the Baysville Dock (with boat lauch) and of course the Baysville Heritage Walk.

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