Benefits of Swimming in Muskoka’s Lakes

Swimming in Muskoka's lakesThere is nothing like jumping into one of Muskoka’s beautiful clean lakes!  The sense of freedom, the calming effect on your mind, the social outlet, the opportunity to play and relax.   Not to mention the opportunity to soak up some vitamin D and burn off some energy.   Best of all swimming is an enjoyable way to cool off on a hot summer day!  

Swimming is a Great Form of Exercise

It is common knowledge that swimming, generally, is an incredible exercise.  It is a great form of fitness for all ages, physical abilities and body types.  Swimming provides a full body workout without putting stress on the joints.  It burns calories and helps to regulate blood sugar.  Swimming aids in toning muscles and building strength.   However, did you also know that swimming in the lake is as good for your mental well-being as it is good for your physical health

Triggers the Release of Endorphins:

Swimming triggers our brain to release endorphins.  This is a hormone that helps us cope with stress and pain. The endorphins are a precursor for dopamine which is otherwise known as the “feel-good hormone”.  This helps to explains the reason why many people have reported a feeling better after a swim. Further, in our opinion, the freedom of an open water swim in a Muskoka lake means your not confined to repeated laps or exposed the chemicals found in your local pool.  It means you can swim freely without worrying about getting in someone’s way, while you take in the outstanding background of Muskoka.

Contact with Lake Water Stimulates the Immune System:

Several types of research have been conducted to confirm some of the benefits attributed to swimming in cold water.

It has been reported that periodic immersion in cold natural water tends to  stimulates the immune system by boosting white blood cell production. 

 Triggers Adrenaline and Increases Blood Circulation:

When the body is partially or completely submerged in the water, it  increases blood circulation through the body which in turn triggers the cold sensors located at the core of the skin.

Once the cold sensors have been activated, the heart rate is increased which makes you feel rejuvenated. In essence, swimming is a remarkable way to get your moods up when you feel down.

 Great Spot to Play and Unwind:

The emergence of Adulthood has programmed many of us in such a way that we see playing as a thing only meant for kids. Unknowing to us, playing is also vital for adult health and mental well-being.

Swimming in a Muskoka Lake is often timeSwimming in Muskoka's lakes spent with friends and family.  We tend to be more relaxed at the water, playing games, participating in water sports and in general allowing ourselves to unwind.  After a swim, who doesn’t enjoy climbing onto the dock to catch some rays and dry off?  Perhaps we take this time to read or take a quick nap, or perhaps if you’re like us it’s dusk before we drag ourselves out of the lake, refreshed and invigorated from a wonderful  time spent in our Muskoka lake.

Swimming in a Muskoka Lake certainly has its benefits, physical, mental and social.  We can attest first hand that swimming at your own Muskoka cottage or lakeside home is a great way to unwind.  If you are looking to buy or sell your Muskoka cottage or home, contact The Parker Team.  We are here to help!