Buying Muskoka Waterfront

Buying a Muskoka Cottage or Home in this Seller’s Market

Buying a new home or cottage in a Seller’s market can be daunting.  The Parker Team is here to help you successfully navigate the process, so you end up exactly where you want to be – Muskoka!

Be Prepared!

Before you begin your search, be prepared with a few key details that will help make your dream a reality!  First understand your financing, speak with your lenders, set your budget and get pre-approved.  Speak with The Parker Team to understand how and when to list your current home for sale.  One last thing, be sure that you have your deposit ready to go, so when your offer is accepted you can wire the deposit quickly!

Location & Waterfront

When looking at homes or cottages for sale in Muskoka, look with the understanding that the waterfront and location cannot be changed.  Almost everything else about a property can be renovated or adjusted to suit your taste. Be flexible and have an open mind when viewing homes & cottages, but don’t forget to keep your lifestyle in mind.  Ask The Parker Team about the lake- is it motor restricted, good for swimming, part of a chain of lakes?  What is the internet like?

Look Before Heading Out.

Ask The Parker Team to set up a personalized portal just for you!  This portal will update you by email each time a property with the qualities you select comes to market.  From the portal look at the pictures and gain a basic understanding of what is available in your budget.  Ask us questions about the areas, the lakes, the towns, so when we view a home or cottage you can make a carefully thought out decision.

In the “Field”

When looking at homes in person be decisive –  You’ve done your homework and are armed with the required information.  Let The Parker Team know if the property is something you are interested in, and any additional questions you may have.  A word to the wise though, don’t have conversations about pricing and how much you love the property while we are there- most homeowners have security systems which stream audio and video to the owner.

Talk to Us

You’ve made the decision, now speak with the experienced Parker Team on how to best present you and your offer to the Seller’s!  It’s not always about the highest figure on the table!