Over the weekend we were out showing vacant land which compelled us to put together this short list of things to consider when purchasing  land.

1. What is the zoning for the property?  Often you can find this information on the website for the town in which the property is located.  For Lake of Bays click  here, for Huntsville click here.

2. What utilities are available?  Have they been run to the lot line?  How will this impact a future build?

3. What are the annual taxes?

4. What is the size and shape of the property?

5. Does the property have any restrictions, environmental concerns, or easements that would impact your build?

6. What are the required setbacks for building?  Does this, along with the size and shape work within the boundaries of your building plan?

7. What is the topography of the property?

8. Is the property located in a flood zone?  If it is how will this impact your build, your ability to get insurance, and the resell value?

9. How do you access the property? Does it have a legal right of way? Does it have year round access?

10. Have you considered the proximity of the property to amenities, or the length of your commute if this is to be a cottage property?

Buying vacant land shouldn’t be a complicated process, however, the list above is just a brief list of things to consider.  Contact The Parker Team for more information regarding purchasing vacant land.