Not stuck at home, Safe at home!

Just about everything has changed since Covid-19 began.  This is especially true of how we use and see our homes and cottages.  We’ve all seen the memes online about working from home, home schooling, having the kids around 24/7 and being with our significant other 24/7.   Some of them are quite funny, and some of them remind us of just how lucky we are to have a home / cottage, or to be in the market to purchase a new home or secondary at home

How Does that Impact Staging your Home?

Consider the shift in how people now use their homes.  Take for example those who are lucky enough to be able shift their work from the office to working from home.  These Buyers are now adding the need for a defined workspace and high-speed internet to their must have list.  Therefore, when you stage your home/cottage for sale it is important to have a defined “office” area that potential Buyers can picture themselves working in.  Make sure that the space is not cluttered and that it offers good lighting.  If possible, this space will ideally have a door that closes so that those working from home can take video or phone calls without interruption.

The Kids Space

Home schoolingWhile some opted to send their children back to school, others opted to continue with homeschooling.  These Buyers are reconsidering the Kids space in the home.  It needs to be functional and somewhat distraction free.  Ideally, the children will have an area they can work at their desk, whether its independently for older kids or close to a parent for younger kids.  Consider how your home/cottage could help potential Buyers see themselves homeschooling from your property.


The Kitchen

With the Covid-19 rules here in Ontario, another new trend is a renewed interest in cooking.  New groups are popping up all over, devoted to the sharing recipes and pictures of beautiful home cooked meals.  This means that our kitchens once again are becoming a very important part of our home / cottage.  This room, while needing to look good, also needs to be functional and practical for the home cook.  This means that while it’s always been important to have a clean kitchen, Buyer’s will be spending more time investigating this room and it should shine!  Appliances should be in good working order and the flow of the kitchen should be clear.  Don’t clutter your counters with gadgets, make sure your cupboards aren’t exploding when opened.  Ensure that the kitchen appears to have great storage and workspace.   Also, important, is that the kitchen is seen as a place in your home / cottage where the family can gather together to enjoy the newly prepared home cooked meals.

Your Outdoor Space

While patio season is coming to an end here in Ontario, the outdoor space your home/cottage offers is very important.  Be sure to keep the decks/patios cleared and if possible leave enough Covid Vaccineoutdoor furniture to tell the story of the upcoming summer months.  This space is ever important as Buyer’s envision their homes to be a place to work and unwind & relax.  Instead of heading out to the local pub for drinks on the patio with friends, Buyers are now looking a space which will allow them to enjoy a relaxing evening at home.  Be sure that your deck boards are in good shape, that there are no loose patio bricks and that the yard’s landscaping is complete – weeds pulled, bushes trimmed.  If possible, consider adding a patio heater to extend the outdoor season or in the spring have your bug vacuum working early or consider the addition of a screened in gazebo.  This space is especially important to those Buyers who have a small social bubble with whom they gather outdoors to socialize, make sure you don’t overlook its importance.


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