Fairy Lake is located in Huntsville Muskoka.  It provides the scenic and iconic backdrop for Huntville, which is situated on its North-West shore.  The lake was named in 1853 by surveyor Alexander Murray because of its beauty.  Visitors can take in this breath-taking beauty from Lion’s Lookout in Huntsville.

Fairy LakeWhile water levels are controlled by the Muskoka River Management, Fairy Lake is home to an active Lake Association dedicated to preserving the lake and surrounding environment.   Approximately 2/3’s of property owners on the Lake are permanent residents.  Fairy Lake is home to a lake association whose mission is:

“The Lake Association’s mandate is to preserve and protect Fairy Lake and the surrounding areas. We monitor water quality, run a clean-up operation when required, have an open annual meeting and organize activities necessary to safeguard our magical lake.”

According to the Lake Association website:   “North American recreational lakes that are managed and protected by a strong lake or cottage association support real estate property values that are 30 to 40 per cent higher than on similar unmanaged recreational lakes.”

For more lake stats view the Fairy Lake Fact Sheet.

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Huntsville is the largest town in the Muskoka region, with a population of approximately 19,816. Built on the Canadian shield, only 215 km north of Toronto it is a popular destination for cottagers and tourists. Huntsville is comprised of several smaller hamlets, and many clear lakes.  Running through the historic downtown is the Muskoka river, and within the township boundaries is Arrowhead Provincial Park.