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The Parker Team would like to welcome Guest Blogger, Richard Graham, owner and pharmacist of The Dwight Market & Pharmacy.  Richard shares some valuable information regarding First Aid kits at the cottage.


From Dwight Market Pharmacist Richard Graham:

First Aid Kits at the Cottage
It’s that time of year where people are opening their cottage and getting ready for a summer of fun.  An appropriately stocked first aid-kit can give cottage owners peace of mind when doing work around the property or when friends and family come to visit.  The contents of the first aid kit depends on a number of things 1) the proximity to medical care and supplies, 2) the medical history of you and your guests, 3) the activities that you plan to partake in and 4) the diversity of ages.  The following is a list items that could be included in your first-aid kit
Suggestions for a First Aid Kit
  • various size bandages for wounds,Steri-strips, sterile gauze, kling wrap, vinyl gloves, scissors,tweezers, nail clippers, razor, Tegaderm water-proof dressing  and water-proof medical tape
  • disinfectant like Bactine, Peroxide, Iodine sol’n, rubbing alcohol wipes, Dexidin
  • sterile normal saline for rinsing a wound or eyes
  • antibiotic ointment or cream such as Polysporin
  • antibiotic eye drops such as Polysporin eye drops
  • Tensor bandage and athletic tape, instant ice packs
  • antihistamine for allergic reactions such as Benadryl tablets and liquid plus a non-sedating antihistamine such as Reactine or Claritin, After-Bite, Calamine lotion, hydrocortisone cream and Benadryl Cream
  • Epi-Pen Adult or Junior based on weight for visitors who have a history of life threatening allergic reactions
  • thermometer
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Motrin or Aleve for headache, pain and fever and Tylenol, Robax-Heat wraps for back and neck, muscle relaxant such as Robaxacet, Voltaren emulgel
  • low dose chewable Aspirin 81mg
  • CPR resuscitation mask, AED defibrillator
  • Narcan (naloxone) nasal spray or injection for opioid overdose 
  • oximeter for people with lung disease or in the age of COVID-19
  • glucagon Emergency kit and glucose tabs for treating hypoglycemic reactions, glucometer and test strips
  •  aloe Vera gel, Solarcaine
  • lubricating eye drops eg Systane Ultra
  • ear syringe and ear wax removal drops such as Cerumol or Murine
  • Auro Dry to prevent swimmer’s ear and Polysporin Ear drops for treatment
  • Canesten or Micatin topical antifungal creams, CanesOral or Canesten vaginal cream for vaginal fungal infections
  • blood pressure monitor
  • Gravol liquid and/or tablets and suppositories for those who can’t keep anything down
  • Imodium for diarrhea and laxatives for constipation

The above list is pretty extensive and will not suit everyone’s needs and budget but it’s better to think about various possibilities of your needs prior to an event taking place.   A pharmacist can help determine whether there are potential drug interactions with other medications and suitable dose and dosage form.  Always check your first aid kit at the beginning of each cottage season to remove expired products and replace them as used too.  Keep all the items together in a small portable container and let everyone know where the first-aid kit is located.  It is always a great idea to get and maintain an up to date first-aid safety course so you’re ready in the event of an emergency.  I will be happy to help you customize your own first-aid kit to meet your family’s needs.

Have a safe summer 
Richard Graham, owner/pharmacist of Dwight Market Pharmacy
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