The decision has been made, your Muskoka home or cottage is now going on the market, but first you must prepare it for the virtual tour.  What should you do?  What is most effective?  Is there something you should avoid?  First, check with your Realtor.  She is going to be able to give you some direction on how to prepare your home for the tour, however, there are some basics you can look after to ensure your home / cottage shows at its best!


You’ve read it in our blog repeatedly.  Start with the outside and ensure that your curbside appeal is positive.  This means raking leaves, shovelling the snow, weeding or cutting grass depending on the season.  Make sure your front door is freshly painted, with no chips!  Are the windows in your door clean?  How about the tracks in the sliding doors?  Park your cars away from your home, or better yet make sure that you are not home for the virtual tour.

Clean the Inside

It goes without saying but ensure that your home is clean.  The online virtual tour may very well be a potential buyers first introduction to your home, and you want it to shine!  Declutter all surfaces, remove the dirty dishes from the sink, put away the laundry.  Make sure that your windows are clean, and that all the toys are put away.  A nice pop of colour in the form of fresh flowers can add ambiance to your tour, but don’t over do it!

Create a Path

Think about how you walk through your home and then ensure that the walking path is clear, and the spaces between furniture are not tight.  The videographer creating your tour tripping or squeezing through small spaces will not reflect positively on your home’s best features.  If possible, ensure that there is a sensible clear path through your home which highlights the flow and beauty of the spaces.


A clear path in a clean home is wonderful, but Buyers need to be able to see your home.  Ensure that all your lights are on, and you don’t have any dead lightbulbs.   Add lights to rooms which feel dark or gloomy, and open up all your curtains and blinds.  Ensure that your windows are sparkling clean to allow the maximum amount of light in, and also to highlight the beautiful Muskoka scenery from your home.  Don’t overdo it though- to much light can make a space appear washed out in videos and pictures.  If in doubt, as your Realtor!

Ready to list?

Are you ready to list?  Give Jennifer at The Parker Team a call, and find out how we can help you sell your Muskoka property.