spring peeper


On May 2nd 2020 The Parker Team took a driving tour of Lake of Bays to record some of nature’s most beautiful singers – The Spring Peeper.  Beginning on Dwight Beach Road and touring along HWY 60 to Oxtongue, we were delighted not only by the Peepers, but by a couple of playful foxes, and the night sky.  

Spring Peepers are a small chorus frog whose chirping calls mark the beginning of spring.  Usually tan, brown, olive or gray in colour the Spring Peeper is found primarily in forests near wetlands.  They require marshes, ponds or swamps to support their eggs and tadpoles.

Male Spring Peepers tend to be smaller and darker than the female, and it is the males with the ability to call – in order to find a mate.  The Peepers emerge at night to feed on things such as ants, spiders, and flies.  Tadpoles feed on the algae and other organisms in the water.  

Please enjoy our videos of the Spring Peepers in Lake of Bays, Muskoka.