Make Your Move Stress Free for your Family Pet


Moving with petsLike people our family pets can feel the stress of moving.  Our homes and our daily schedules have changed, not to mention our pets can feel a shift in our moods. Pets can react in a variety of ways to these changes, including the loss of fur, hiding, becoming more aggressive or seeking out more attention.  The good news is that planning your move can reduce the stress of moving homes for you and your pet.

Plan in Advance

Speak to Jennifer Parker, Broker, The Parker Team when you begin the process of listing.  Often staging which changes the surroundings in your pets’ familiar home and showings can induce stress.  These stresses can be relieved with a few simple steps.

Have a set  plan for moving day, and begin the process well in advance.  If you plan to move your pet in a crate, introduce them to the crate well in advance, put a favourite bed or  familiar smelling blanket in it and offer treats to your pet once they enter.  Begin by leaving the crate door open, and make the crate a safe place your pet can come and go.

Change the address on your pet’s microchip and order new tags.

Gather important documents and put them in a secure, easily accessed location.  Don’t forget to include vaccine records, rabies tags, your vet’s phone number, and your vet’s emergency number.

Pack An Overnight Bag

On moving day (or perhaps even during showings), pack an overnight bag for your pet that you will keep with you and is easily accessible.  Make sure to include food & water bowls, food & water, favourite toys, medications and the treats your pet enjoys.  Waste bags, collars and leashes will also come in handy.

On Moving Day

Ensure that your pet’s collar has themoving with pets updated tags attached.  Consider keeping your pet confined to a single room (post a note on the door for the movers) or use that crate you introduced them to.  This may be an ideal time to ask family and friends to care for your pet, at least until the loading and unloading of your household is complete.


If your move will take you a distance, call ahead to the hotels to ensure that they are pet friendly.  Along the way, take time to exercise your dog, feed and give them water.

In Your New Home

During the first few days in your new home, make sure your pet has access to the crate (if that’s their safety zone), put out familiar beds and blankets and ensure they have their favourite toys.  Keep your pets’ food the same, and continue with the same schedule of feeding and walks.  Introduce your cat to the new location of his/her litter box, and give your pet ample opportunity to explore their new home. It may take a few days for your pet to adjust to his/her new surroundings, during this time be sure to keep a careful watch on your pet and call your vet if you see anything of worry.  Be sure that people helping you with your move know not to allow your pet out.  Of course, it goes without saying, some extra attention and comfort will go a long way in helping your pet transition to his/her new home.

When you’re ready to buy or sell your Muskoka property, call the Parker Team,  we are here to help.