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The Recent Trend to Move to Huntsville and Lake of Bays Muskoka 

If you’re thinking of buying a Muskoka home or cottage  and leaving city life, you’re not alone. You’re one of many who are keenly interested in moving to Huntsville and Lake of Bays Muskoka.

Muskoka is the Holy Grail of cottage real estate in Ontario, Canada.  City residents have, for many years, travelled to Muskoka for their ideal weekend getaway, and some even see Muskoka as the perfect retirement destination.

One of the unseen effects of  COVID, saw families are re-evaluating the benefits of making their move to Muskoka sooner.  For people this may have accelerated a plan, while for others the past 2 plus years,  meant more time spent in our homes, giving them a chance to reflect on what they like and don’t like about their current living situation.  It has given people time and opportunity to rethink what a home or cottage means to us.  It has also changed what we feel is important in our homes and what we feel we need from our living spaces.

There are many Greater Toronto Area (GTA) residents cutting ties with city life to move to Muskoka, below we begin to look at the benefits of living in Huntsville or Lake of Bays Muskoka.


One of the benefits of living in Muskoka is the opportunity of avoiding all the noise and busyness in the city. You can live and work remotely in the comfort of your Muskoka home.

Lake of Bays MuskokaAs many companies have now transitioned to a work from home model, families now enjoy a more flexible work timetable and the ability to relocate outside of daily commuting distance from their employer.

Huntsville and Lake of Bays have become a popular destination for families as Huntsville, the largest town in Muskoka, offers almost all the amenities found further south.  Furthermore, there are limitless recreation opportunities like hiking, swimming, golfing, camping, skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, not to mention the proximity to Algonquin or Arrowhead provincial parks, Hidden Valley, Deerhurst and Grandview.

Living in Muskoka can help you achieve a better work/life balance.


Complimenting the slower pace of life in Muskoka (but don’t be fooled, if you want to be busy there is plenty of opportunity) is the opportunity to focus on your health, whether this is intentional or not.  Living inHuntsville, Muskoka real estate pollution whether it be air, noise or light pollution can impact your health.  Escaping from these can result in better sleep, better mental health, less stress, and a reduction in heart disease.  Furthermore, purchasing a property in Muskoka often comes with more outdoor space allowing you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors, while still remaining safely at home.

Less traffic and pollution

Commuting in Muskoka takes on a completely different approach.  While many people have been able to transition to a work from home model, for those  that still enjoy heading into the office the commute is quite different and very enjoyable.  Take in the nature and beauty of your surroundings and enjoy the calmer nature of the drivers (and there are much fewer on the roads) around you.

Gone are the days of sitting in traffic for more extended periods, traded in for the well maintained, treelined highways and roads of Muskoka.

Close to nature

The beautiful scenery of the Muskoka region is unquestionable.

Buying a Muskoka home or cottage provides unrestricted access to incredible views, from the lush forest backgrounds to the clean lakes and flowing rivers.  There is nothing better to calm your mind.


The Bottom Line

If you’re thinking of swapping the hustle and bustle of city life to the peace and quiet of small towns in Muskoka, let The Parker Team help you.

You can take a sneak peek at our current listings in Huntsville, Lake of Bays, Almaguin, Muskoka Lakes, Bracebridge, and other Muskoka areas.

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