The world-wide Covid-19 pandemic has brought changes to all our lives, and given us reason to pause, think and change directions.  My experience with Buyers thus far is the desire to leave the busy hustle and bustle of city life and move to a rural area such as Muskoka.  Aside from the perceived benefits of moving north, I recently spoke with several people who have made the leap from city life to life in Muskoka, and here are their thoughts on the benefits of living full time in Muskoka.


Number 1:  Million Dollar Views!

Enough said, especially for those of us that have the luxury of working from home!


Number 2: Sense of Freedom, A Lack of Concrete!

Yes, it’s true!  We are lucky to be surrounded by nature, the lakes, and “green.”  It gives us a sense of calm and without all concrete our temperatures seem better regulated (lower).  The air smells fresher, and the sky seems brighter.


Number 3: The Night Sky

Away from the lights of the city, we appreciate the darkness & brightness of the night sky which is lit with starts the moon and most recently the Perseid Meteor shower.


Number 4: A Giant Playground in our Backyard!

Close to snowmobile trails, lakes for swimming and boating, Provincial Parks, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing, and walking trails there is always something to do.


Number 5: A slower Pace

The pace of life is just a little bit slower here.


Number 6: Bigger Home and More Land

Well depending on what you’re looking for, this may not be true if you are looking for waterfront on one of the big lakes!


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