Paddle Boarding- The New Board Meeting in Muskoka


Paddle boarding has seen a big rise in Paddle boarding in Muskokapopularity over the last couple of years.  Paddle boarding on Muskoka’s lakes is just one amazing way to experience the beauty of the area, get a great workout and relax the mind.  It also is a wonderful social activity we can all participate in regardless of age or skill level.  Often referred to as SUP, the paddle board is a unique and wonderful way to spend the day on the lake.


It is Easy to Learn

Paddle Boarding in MuskokaPaddle boarding is a recreational activity that is  easy to pick up.  It is suitable for all fitness levels and can be modified to suit the individual.   Overall, it requires basic swimming skills,  and the ability to balance the body.  That said, beginners often start on their knees until they get a good sense of the board, or some even sit upon the board and paddle it much like a kayak.

This is a versatile and adaptive sport  suitable for family outdoor pursuits. In fact, the board has also been adapted for people with needs or disabilities. 

 Helps you Burn Calories

 The SUP helps you burn calories, and works on your core strength.  It is a fun way to get in your daily exercise, and close that exercise ring!

Paddle Boarding in Muskoka

Advanced Design

The creation of an inflatable paddle board is one of the notable factors that have contributed immensely to the popularity of SUP. The inflatable paddle board offers virtually the same functions as the original SUP but with an extra perk — it can be deflated and squeezed into your backpack- now that’s something we can take on our hikes in Algonquin Park!

Try Yoga on The Paddle Board

As SUP has increased in popularity, here in Muskoka we are seeing more formal activities being offered.  One such activity offered by the Town of Huntsville is SUP Yoga.  Again, adaptive to all fitness levels, SUP Yoga relaxes the mind while offering the body a great workout.

A Social Experience

With the ease of transporting the SUP, it is a fantastic way to get out on the lakes in Muskoka with friends.  After a tour of the lake, take time to float on your board and soak up your vitamin D while you enjoy some social time with friends and family.

There are several places to purchase or rent a paddle board in Muskoka.  Take advantage of this relatively inexpensive and versatile way to enjoy your Muskoka Lake.

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