selling in the springSelling your home or cottage in the spring!

Someone once said to me, imagine your house is going on its first date, that is how it should look when you list it for sale.  Previously we looked at how to prepare your home or cottage for sale in the fall, today we look at how to prepare your home or cottage for sale in the spring.

The fist thing to remember is the first impression.  I am talking about curb appeal, cleanliness, and how well cared for your home appears.

Preparing to sell your home or cottage this spring starting with the outside:

  • Rake any leaves or pine needles.
  • Make sure the driveway is clear and clean.
  • Make sure the grass is cut and edged.
  • Edge the gardens, trim where necessary, remove any dead plants, rake any leaves.
  • Clean the waterfront, make any necessary repairs to docks or boathouses.
  • Add potted tulips or daffodils to give the gardens colour, if you don’t already have them.
  • Add a couple of planters with fresh spring flowers to the front door, on the back deck or on the dock.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to the front door, replace hardware if needed,  freshen up house numbers or replace them.
  • Clean the windows, decking and any siding.
  • Tidy and thin the garage.

Preparing to sell your home or cottage this spring –  on the inside: 

  • Clean all the windows, window ledges, tracks for sliding doors.
  • Pull drapery away from the windows.
  • Add a new mat to the front door.
  • Deep clean the house, you may want to hire a professional for this.
  • Declutter the entire house, remove personal items, pictures & things of value.
  • Thin the cupboards, think of this as getting a head start on your packing, pack up any out of season clothing.
  • Open the windows and air the house out – let the fresh spring air in!
  • Set out fresh cut flowers
  • Set out light coloured towels, in layers, in the bathrooms.

Selling in the spring inside and out:

Make sure that any lingering repairs are completed.  A well keep home or cottage in terms of repair and cleanliness, tells potential buyers that this home has been cared for and allows them to focus on the positives about your home, instead of looking for the next thing that needs to be fixed.

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