While our Team prefers sunny days at the beach, there is something to be said for a cool, fall, rainy day at the cottage.  Yes, yes, I can hear you all now, and no I am not mad.  The fact is that there is something cozy and fun about a rainy day spent inside together.  Picture, a light rain falling, you can hear the rain on the leaves outside and see the impressions each drop leaves in the lake.  The fire is lit, and everyone is together.  This was the recent scene at our family home, while all our adult children and their partners were back for a visit.  This is precious time, as we rarely have that many consecutive hours together.  But, what can you do?  I recently asked my colleagues at Sutton Group Muskoka what their favourite Rainy-day activities are, and here is our list:rainy days at the cottage

1. Scrabble (The Parker Team’s number 1 favourite thing to do).

2. Board games.

3. Curling up with a good book and the dog in front of the fire.

4. Crafts- the more sparkles the better.

5. Cards.

6. Family movie day, complete with a pizza dinner and wine.

7. A walk in the rain, puddle jumping.

8. Puzzles- the more pieces the better!

9.Baking, the more chocolate the better.

10.Video games on the big screen, with lots of snacks and loud music.  

Whatever your family likes to do, it’s the time spent together that makes rainy days at the cottage so memorable and special.  Still looking for that perfect spot for your family to gather?  Give us a call, and let The Parker Team help you find a spot you can come together in.

Rainy days at the cottage