Rebecca Lake

Rebecca LakeRebecca lake is located in the Township of Lake of Bays, which is within the District of Muskoka.  Access to the lake is via an informal boat launch on Bella Lake.  Water levels on the lake are not regulated, however, the mean depth of the lake is 8 meters with a maximum depth of 29 meters.  The total surface area of Rebecca Lake is 213 hectares, with a perimeter of 13.6 kilometers.

Robin Island is the largest island on the lake, too small to support a cottage, it is privately owned.

Tea Island was named because of the Labrador tea that traditionally grew there.

Clam Island was once noted for the broken clamshells that littered the rocks, remnants of a meal for osprey, otter, and raccoon as clams and crayfish were once prolific in the lake, but the level of calcium has declined causing shellfish to die out.

Major fish species found in the Lake are: Lake Trout, Lake Whitefish, Brook Trout, Small Mouth Bass and Burbot.

Although there are no provincial parks on Rebecca Lake there is a community association called the Bella Rebecca Community Association, which established the Mabel Hart Brook and Marion Hill Memorial Foundation to ensure the conservation of the Rebecca Lake/Bella Lake area.  This conservation represents 448 acres of preserved land including 3100 feet of shoreline along the shore of Bella Lake.  Here people can visit to enjoy the tranquility of the land and the sandy beach.  There are trails to follow, with educational materials for one to read posted.  Take Highway 60 to Limberlost to Fieldale road, to the access point at the dam.  View the Lake Fact Sheet.

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