Winter in Muskoka

Ahh winter in Muskoka, a beautiful season with so much to offer.  As a home or cottage owner you may be asking yourself if this is a good time to sell your property.  Our answer may surprise you- YES!  With Buyers having the flexibility of work at home, or wanting to move outside the busy cities, we still have many Buyers who are looking for their perfect Muskoka property!  Not to mention the number of homes and cottages on the market is typically much lower.  So how can you prepare your home or cottage for sale in the winter?  We’re here to help, give us a call for a more detailed plan, and read some of our basic tips below.

 Clear your snow

It sounds basic, but it is very important.  Ensure that potential Buyers can easily access your front door, shovel the snow and be sure to put de-icer down on the walkways.  If you have out buildings clear a path to each building and make sure that the doors swing freely.  Selling your Muskoka waterfront property? Buyers appreciate being able to walk to the waterfront to take in the views and get a sense of where they are on the lake, gauge the privacy they will have in the summer.  Be sure to clear a path to the waterfront to give them the opportunity.

Turn on the heat

If you’re away or not using the property in the winter, be sure to take steps to ensure that potential buyers will be walking into a warm home.  Cold floors on the feet are not inviting and may hasten a Buyer’s visit to your home.  Don’t give them a reason to make their visit a quick one!

Summer pictures

Do you have pictures of your landscaping or beautiful lakeside sunsets?   Perhaps you have pictures that show the waterfront and the bottom of the lake.  Leave them out for potential buyers to see, they will appreciate knowing what is under the snow & ice.

Open the curtains, turn on the lights

Your home will show at its best when the natural light floods in.  Be sure to open your curtains and leave the lights on for your showings. If you have covered the windows for the winter months, make arrangements to remove the coverings and let the light in!

Ready to list your Muskoka home or cottage?

Give The Parker Team a call and find out what else you can do to prepare your home for sale in the winter and to learn more about our extensive marketing plans. 705-349-0054