How Technology is Influencing  Muskoka Real Estate 

Technology has been a catalyst of change and has contributed immensely to making life easy and better for humanity. It has been quite disruptive for several businesses models, and it has impacted  day-to-day activities in our personal lives.  The businesses of buying and selling Muskoka real estate is no different.

 Although technology hasn’t entirely transformed the Muskoka real estate industry, it has created tremendous change which has been noticeable from the buyer’s and seller’s points of view. A notable example is the ease of Buying a Muskoka Home via the Livemuskoka website at the comfort of your living room.

Below are some of the ways technology has contributed to the real estate business.

The Smart Home Innovation

This is by far one of the biggest disruptive Smart home technology in real estatetrends in the real estate landscape today. Smart home technology is a broad and unique term used by tech-savvy realtors to define virtually all forms of home automation.

 Just like many other disruptive technology products, the smart home tech was developed to improve the experience of homeowners, bring about comfort, heighten security and make life as easy as possible.

 According to the Consumer Electronics Association and National Association of Builders,  the acquisition of various kinds of smart home tech can help position homeowners for greater returns on their property with a projection of about a 3-5% increase in sales price.  

Virtual Reality/Virtual Tours

With the advent of online marketplaces, nowadays, it is quite common to see the majority of consumer-based industries utilizing virtual reality tech, with no exception to the real estate industry.

Virtual reality is way beyond offering online photos. With virtual tours and simulations, consumers are now privileged to experience an immersive 3D perspective of listings from their comfort zones using either their smartphones or PC.  Further interfaces such as FaceTime or Zoom, now allow Buyers to experience a live tour of a Muskoka home or cottage with a member of The Parker Team, as we personally walk you through a property.  This gives you the added benefit of being able to self-direct your tour, and preview properties before making a drive from the city.

Thanks to experienced and tech-savvy realtors like The Parker Team, Buying a Muskoka Home or Muskoka Cottage  just got easier.


More than ever,  a typical employee or real estate agent in today’s world is more mobile and more connected, thanks to technology. Through online telecommunication media/platforms like Zoom, Google meet, and FaceTime, to mention a few, technology is disrupting the traditional methods of carrying out various business activities.

electronic signature For today’s buyers and Seller’s this means that you can conduct the business of buying or selling Muskoka Real Estate from the comfort of your home.  Documents can now be signed electronically, we can meet online, and you can reach us at anytime via phone, text. or email.  Understanding what is happening with your sale or purchase has never been easier.


Final Thoughts

The Parker Team implements technology in many more ways when we market your Muskoka home or cottage.  It is an important part of selling that cannot be overlooked.  Take a look at the stats indicating how Buyers search! From our 3D tours, to drone photos & videos, to our website platforms, FaceBook and Google interactions, to more traditional print advertising, see how working with the Parker Team can help you. Buying and selling properties like Muskoka Homes has never been easier, don’t get left behind.

 Contact The Parker Team to see how we can help you with your Muskoka cottage purchase or sale.