The Benefits of Muskoka’s Lake Associations

FOCO LogoAccording to Municipal World, the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association is the largest non-farm landowner group in rural Ontario. This group is popularly known as a representation of well over 200,000 waterfront property-owning families across the province.

Water is the common thread in our ecosystem, it ties all of us together, waterfront  owners or not.  The importance of a Lake Association can’t be overlooked.    Muskoka Lake Associations are most often comprised of volunteers with common goals.  These associations can take collective action to achieve larger goals.  They host meetings, put out newsletters, books, watch water quality and create a social link between property owners on the lakes in Muskoka.  Keeping our Muskoka lakes pristine, keeps our property values high. What happens in your lake impacts property values, so by having a dedicated group of volunteers working to keep you informed helps to protect not just your investment but also  your health and the health of generations to come.


  • The Lake Partner Program:

This is a major benefit of a Lake Association, should your Lake Association choose to be involved. In partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Environment, this regional-wide, volunteer-based program monitors water quality in our lakes.

Through this program, volunteers are asked to collect water samples and carry out water clarity observations on their lakes every month.  Information obtained from this monthly exercise will help quickly detect changes in the water clarity and nutrient level of the lake.  Information learned will assist in assessing the  impacts of shoreline development, climate change, and other stresses on our lakes in Muskoka.


  • Lake Associations Provide Education and Resources on Various Aspects of Living on Water:

In a bid to consistently keep members abreast of emerging issues, progress, and new findings, Lake Associations provide resources, educative content, productive tips, and best practices relating to the utilization of individual waterfront.  This information is shared in variety of ways, via websites, and meetings.


  • Foster Socialization Amongst Waterfront Owners:

Lake Associations understand that the importance of socialization amongst its members can’t be overemphasized. As such, in a bid to encourage productive interaction among lake owners, they often organizes social events and meetings, thereby creating an avenue to connect, interact and discuss vital updates relating to lakes.  They also provide a wonderful opportunity to meet your neighbours, and participate in social events, helping to create a community amongst seasonal and year-round residents.

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