What is a shore road allowance?  How or will it impact your purchase?  Let’s take a closer look at what a shore road allowance is.

“Invisible” to people viewing the property, a surveyor or a look at a property’s survey will tell you if the shore road allowance is open (meaning not owned) or closed (meaning owned).  SRA’s normally run parallel to the shoreline on most lakes and rivers.  They were originally (in the 1800’s) provisioned  for the building of roads, and are generally 66 feet wide.

Although most have not been utilized as roads, an open  SRA remains public property. Regardless of how long a building has been on an open SRA it is not possible to obtain the land using the provisions for adverse possession (commonly refered to as”squatter’s rights”), although it is likely that you will be able to purchase the land through the municipality.

How does this impact your purchase of a cottage or home?  If you wish to build a boathouse or add a dock or if you wish to add on to the current cottage you may need to purchase the SRA. Beyond that an open shore road allowance can cause problems with land transfers, mortgages and insurance.

Each municipality can assist you with questions regarding the shore road allowance, as can your REALTOR®.

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