Why Consider a Motor-Restricted Lake When Purchasing your Muskoka Cottage

Throughout the District of Muskoka there are many types of lakes.  There are the lakes that you traditionally think of, the larger ones with boating, swimming and so on. There are others that are motor restricted, meaning that there is a limit to the size or type of motor on the lake and there are even some where motors are not allowed.  Often Buyers hear “motor restricted” and determine right away that it’s not for them.  Actually there are many benefits to motor restricted lakes, including my favourite, you can always take your boat to another lake- chances are there is a big lake close to your smaller, motor restricted, one!

Keeps Noise Pollution in Check

Motor restricted Lakes There is nothing worse than hitting the dock to enjoy a relaxing afternoon at your Muskoka waterfront, only to find that a boater has decided to let loose on his engines and turn the lake in front of your property into his racetrack.  Not only is it dangerous, but the noise can interrupt your day and  destroy your shoreline.  Don’t forget about sound systems on boats, even if the boater isn’t racing, sound travels very well across the water.

In general small boats and smaller engines tend to be quieter than larger boats. Who knows less noise on the lake might actually help your fishing game!

In general when we think of our Muskoka waterfront we tend to think of the sounds of nature and our ability to see a wider variety of wildlife.  Lakes with motor restrictions might just be key to this!

Swimming without Worrying

Boats and swimmers don’t mix.  On a motor restricted lake you can swim without worry, give the kids more freedom.  You won’t worry about swimming further out into the beautiful water of your Muskoka lake, you may even take the opportunity to snorkel and really take in the entirety of your surroundings.  Relax and enjoy your waterfront & the sun, and don’t worry about the neighbours speed boat.

Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Imagine enjoying some of your favourite water sports without the worry of boats, or the wakes they leave.  Enough said.Motor restricted lakes

Less Chance of Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic invasive species are non-native animals, plants, and organisms that have been introduced to lakes via boats, fisherman, or from humans who have intentionally introduced them to the lake.  These non-native species can have a detrimental impact on the native species in the lake, disrupting the delicate balance of the ecosystem.  The results of this can have a negative impact on your property values.

A Natural Shoreline

Shorelines are vulnerable to the wake of passing motorboats.   Repeated careless traffic can result in shoreline erosion which can impact your ability to enjoy your waterfront and have a negative impact on your property value.  Further, the damage can have a large impact on wildlife and disrupt the entire ecosystem of the lake.  Not to mention the pollution that boats create.

Clean Water

This is yet another very important benefit of a motor-restricted lake. Exhaust fumes from engines can contribute to both air and water pollution, not to mention any potential leaks or spills.  The quality of water in our Muskoka lakes is important, not just from a recreational standpoint or for the safety of the wildlife, but consider that many cottagers draw their water directly from the lake.  


Our Muskoka lakes are like heaven on earth.  Actions such as boating restrictions have one major goal — to keep you and your lake’s environment safe. When we look after our Muskoka lakes,  we ensure that the pristine, clean lakes, that have made Muskoka “the destination” for generations, continue to thrive in all thier natural beauty for generations to come.

 If you’re ready to buy or sell your Muskoka home or cottage get in touch with us, we are here to help.