Benefits of Muskoka Cottage Life

Ontarian’s love their Muskoka Cottages. Why is this so?  Beyond  the natural beauty that surrounds them, cottage living offers many benefits, some of which you may not realize.

Enjoy Time In Nature

TreesIf  a little extra privacy is what you seek, a Muskoka cottage is definitely a good place to start.   While you can be set further from your neighbours surrounded by trees offering privacy,  you’re never very far from the amenities of daily life.   Research has  shown that being in nature can lead to better health, kindness and enhance your creativity.  “Forest bathing,” which essentially means deliberately spending time among the trees,  can help reduce  the stresses and anxiety  of urban living.   This in turn can reduce our blood pressure and provide a more positive mental state.  Trees release an aromatic compound which has a positive effect on our immune system, which can improve our physical health.

It Allows Us to Disconnect

Furthermore,  time spent enjoying wildlife, at the water and relaxing helps us to disconnect from the daily grind.  As we make the drive to our Muskoka cottages, our mind is already beginning to unwind.  Our thoughts begin to transition from our day to day tasks to what we will do at the cottage.  We may even take the time to turn off our cell phones, if even for a couple hours, and give ourselves an opportunity to rejuvenate.  Being active in nature leaves us feeling refreshed and invigorated and ready to return to daily life with a fresh outlook.

Ideal Family Getaway

While we may disconnect from work andMuskoka campfire the daily grind, spending time at our Muskoka cottages gives us a unique opportunity to connect with our family and friends.  Time spent at your Muskoka cottage creates memories and traditions that will last a lifetime.

Find Inspiration

Muskoka is well known as a desirable destination for artists.  Perhaps when you think of Muskoka, you recall the beautiful work of The Group of Seven.  Whether you’re a painter, photographer, animator, or you work with wood or metal, the landscape and serenity of Muskoka is sure to inspire you.Muskoka group of seven

Multiple Lifestyles 

Experiencing life at your Muskoka cottage doesn’t mean you have to leave the city.  While there is definitely a trend of leaving urban living to enjoy the Muskoka lifestyle, Muskoka is still a reasonable distance from the GTA, meaning you can continue to take advantage of both city and rural living.   

Good Option for Retirees

Muskoka Cottages are an excellent choice for retirees, whether you live there year-round or seasonally.  With many social events and clubs aimed at those retired or nearing retirement, the proximity to towns and the relatively short distance to the GTA, those who are retired are taking advantage of the Muskoka lifestyle.  One great advantage of living in Muskoka is you can be as busy as you want!

Motor restricted lakesIf you are considering a move to Muskoka or if you are looking for the perfect Muskoka cottage, give The Parker Team a call, we are here to help.