Why Use A Home Inspector?

Martin Mann


We recently sat down with Martin Mann of Mann Home Inspections and asked him what the benefits of a home or cottage inspection are prior to completing a purchase.  Below is his response:


“An Inspection is important to a buyer, it allows the buyer to make an informed decision about the intended purchase because the inspector  will give you a unbiased opinion of all visual areas of the home, identifying problems before they become major issues, giving tips for saving energy and provide information to negotiate pricing to accommodate repairs. Even a new home can have issues the inspector can identify with our 11th month warranty inspection from which we will provide a list of repairs for the builder to address.  We also provide Yearly Maintenance checks which are to prevent major issues from developing as they are addressed well before.

An inspection affords buying or selling power, Real Estate is an investment. Inspections offer protection for your investment.”

Martin Mann CRT/CPI

Home Inspector, Mann Home Inspections

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