Image of Oxtongue LakeOxtongue Lake Cottages for Sale.

Considering a cottage for sale on Oxtongue Lake?  Oxtongue is the last stop on highway 60 before reaching the West Gate of Algonquin Provincial Park.  Oxtongue Lake, as named in 1853, is a long lake, with deep water,  perfect for swimming, canoeing and kayaking, fishing and more.

The first survey of the area was not until 1837, however the first known explorers to the area was in 1826, at which time the military considered building a canal between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River.  Despite the canal  not being considered feasible, interest in settlement remained.

Oxtongue was the location of several painting spots for the Group of Seven.  It is said that Tom Thomson painted up to 70 paintings in this area.  Today a large mural has been put up on the Community Centre of A.J. Casson’s “Oxtongue River.”  This mural was a collaberative effort between two local artists combined with some paint strokes from people within the community.

Oxtongue Lake is enclosed by a large sections of Crown Land.  The rugged natural beauty of the area attracks residents, tourists, and makes it a popular spot for artists.  In fact, Oxtongue is one of the places of inspiration for the Group of Seven. For more information on Oxtongue Lake see our Blog or our About Oxtongue Page.