When we announced we were moving to Lake of Bays Muskoka from our comfortable and happy life in Toronto, the obvious question was why?

Simply put, Lake of Bays is in my blood.  I am the 5th generation to cottage on the shores of Lake of Bays, happily introducing generation 6 to the wonder and beauty of the Lake.  I have always dreamed of living full time, year round on my family land overlooking 10 mile Bay.

Interestingly enough when people ask where this beloved spot is located,  they often don’t recall seeing the sign.    When this first began to happen I was appalled.  How could this be?  My family dates back to 1905 on that very spot on the lake!

When I said Lake of Bays is in my blood, I meant it, and so did the 4 generations of strong, determined women before me, who resolved to carry on our family legacy for future generations to enjoy.  So you see, the sign on the road has changed over the years, but the family, the traditions, the memories have  not.  Cheers to the strong women before me; and to my daughters, may you continue our family legacy on Lake of Bays, Muskoka for many years to come.