Forgive me for a moment, I need to vent.  It happened again!  A phone call from a city REALTOR wanting to book a showing for a Muskoka Property.  Clearly this REALTOR did not do his homework.  Aside from asking me details of the lake- (one of which was not about any existing motor restrictions) he asked the best way to get there by car.  BY CAR!  This is a WATER ACCESS ONLY property.

My point here is that when you are considering purchasing, or for that matter selling, in Muskoka it is important to have the right REALTOR at your side.  You want a local REALTOR, someone who knows the geography, who understands and knows the lakes, who has seen lots and lots of cottages in the area, who knows the stats, understands the value, and who knows and understands the unique aspects to owning a Muskoka property.   Not to mention that we live locally, we are available to show you the cottage or cottages on your schedule.  We follow the market in our area, when we see a property we think you should see, we will let you know.  In fact, if you can’t get here in good time, we can go to the property, video it or even Face Time with you live so you can determine if and how you should juggle up your schedule to see it.   After your purchase, a local REALTOR is still here, we can help you settle into the area, answer your questions.

Beyond my rant, there are some serious considerations to picking a local REALTOR when purchasing or selling a Muskoka Property.

  •  How well does the REALTOR know the lake? Can they tell you about the health of the lake? Motor restrictions?
  • Does the REALTOR know about and understand how a shore road allowance can impact your purchase?
  • What does the Realtor understand about septic systems?
  • Can the REALTOR figure out how to access the property?

Perhaps I am being to hard on this city agent.  Perhaps he owns an amphibious car and was as excited to show this property by amphibious car as I am to show properties by boat…  perhaps.

Ready to buy a Muskoka Cottage?  You might enjoy this blog then. 

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