Canoe Lake Cottages for Sale

Canoe Lake Facts

Canoe Lake is off of HWY 60 in Algonquin Provincial Park, which is part of the Nipissing District. Cottages within the park are leaseholds, meaning potential buyers are not purchasing a freehold property. To find out more about owning leasehold & cottages for sale on Canoe Lake, please contact us directly.  Please note that not all listings may appear in the search below.  Contact our team directly to learn more about cottages for sale on Canoe Lake.

Canoe Lake was one of sites at which Canada’s iconic painter, Tom Thomson painted.  The curious death of Tom Thomson on Canoe Lake where he had spent a great deal of time painting and sketching works that would inspire the members of the Group of Seven, remains shrouded in mystery.  Due to this Canoe Lake remains one of the most popular access points in the park.  To read our blog on the mystery of Tom Thomson’s death and Canoe Lake, please visit our blog.

Algonquin Park was established in 1893 and named a national historic site in 1992.  Currently the park encompasses 7653 km’s of land and is the only designated park in Ontario to allow logging within its borders.  Algonquin Park features many hiking trails of various difficulties, museums, an art gallery, visitors center and is a place of jaw-dropping beauty in the fall as the leaves change colour.  Perhaps one of the most memorable things to do in Algonquin Park is the Wolf Howl, which takes place on Thursday nights in August.

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