Skeleton Lake, Muskoka

Skeleton Lake  is located in the District of Muskoka and in the Townships of Huntsville & Muskoka Lakes.  Formed by a meteor strike, the lake is open and deep, with some spots as deep as 65 metres. The lake is about 8.3 kilometres long and 4.8 kilometres wide.  It sits at  an elevation of 280 metre.   The water quality is reported as excellent as seen on the  Lake fact sheet. The singular outflow from the lake is via the Skeleton River which drains into Skeleton Bay on Lake Rosseau.

There are two public use islands.  The Hog’s Back is a rock island is a bare rock with a fire pit, near Greer Bay. Anderson’s island has a population of silver birches, along with a cliff-jumping area on the south-east side of the island.

It is said that the Lake received its name by a couple of surveyors who came upon two skeletons on a rock at the north end of the lake.  It is believed that these were the remains on an indigenous mother and her son who were to weak to travel with their tribe in search of food.

There is an active Lake Association, whose goals stated mission is: “ The Skeleton Lake Cottagers Organization is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the natural beauty and abundant wildlife characteristic of the lake.”

Due to its crystal clear waters, size and location, those seeking a cottage on Skeleton Lake should be prepared to act quickly.  To see cottages for sale on the Lake, click here.