Walker Lake

Walker Lake is located in The Township of Lake of Bays, Muskoka.  Part of Ontario’s cottage country, the lake features stunning scenery and natural beauty.  The lake is a fair size with many of the homes and cottages being build along the shore.  Residents on the lake tend to prefer the natural beauty the lake offers, and so it is home to many local artists.

In keeping with the natural beauty of the lake, there is a motor restriction on the lake.  Walker lake is known for its dock parties, a practice where small motors are placed on the end of the dock, then driven out into the lake where people raft together while they enjoy the peacefulness of Muskoka.

Walker Lake encompasses approximately  75 hectares, with  total shoreline perimeter of about 6.8 kilometers.  The maximum depth found in the lake is 15 meters, while the mean depth is aproximately 5 meters.  There is a public boat launch off of Walker Lake road.

Major fish species found in the lake are: Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout Brook Trout and Smallmouth Bass.

The lake is about 20 minutes from the Town of Huntsville and about 15 minutes from Dwight.  Close to the Limberlost Forest Reserve, and Peninsula Lake, Fairy Lake and Lake of Bays, there is plenty to do and explore.  Most famously, Walker Lake is on the doorstep of the Limberlost Artists Studio Tour.

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