Lake WaseosaWaseosa Lake is a fair sized lake located in Huntsville Ontario, within the District of Muskoka.  Waseosa is the name attributed to the Lake by the Indigenous people of the region and means “Lake of Shining Waters.”  It is home to a children’s camp called Camp Huronda which services diabetic children.  Cottages and homes on the shore vary to a large degree, from seasonal cottages to full time residents.  There is an active Lake Association, established 1963, which also encompasses nearby lakes of Jessop, Palette and Ripple Lakes.

Waseosa lake has a surface area of 156 hectares, with a perimeter of 12 kilometers.  The maximum depth in the lake is 20 meters with a median depth of 8 meters. Water levels of the lake are not regulated. Although there are no motor regulations on the lake, due to the size of the lake it has not attracted larger boats.

Public access to the lake is off of South Waseosa Lake Road and will accomodate small boats and canoes.  Major fish species found in the lake are Smallmouth Bass, Laregmouth Bass, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Lake Trout.

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While cottages do come up for sale on The Lake, there is the possibility that none are currently available through the MLS system.  Please contact us directly for more cottages for sale or visit the Muskoka Listings page for all cottages and homes for sale in Muskoka.

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